What checks are involved in your vetting process?

We have a rigorous, multi-step process for vetting sites that includes both the use of automated tools and manual checks by several people on our team.

The vetting process checks both:

The Seller - Is this a real person or a fake profile? Do they have permission to sell the business? Do they have social media profiles that match and are legitimate? Were they transparent about both the opportunity and the risks involved? Did they properly disclose traffic methods, linkbuilding, etc.?

The Business – Can we verify the earnings and that they belong to this business? Is there any paid or undisclosed/sketchy traffic sources? Do the earnings-per-pageviews match other sites in this range or industry? Is the backlink profile clean or properly disclosed by the seller?

While it is still the responsibility of each buyer to do his/her own due diligence, our vetting process ensures that you’re not wasting your time with sites that aren’t worth reviewing. There’s more to it than we can cover here, but we go into more depth regarding our vetting process and due diligence in this podcast episode.

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