Why don’t you reveal the URL’s on all of your listings?

We hide the niche and URL on some of our listings to protect the (future) buyer from additional, unnecessary competition.

We sometimes have thousands of visitors in one day to our site – some of whom are searching the web for profitable niches and websites they can copy and replicate. While some websites are deeply entrenched as market leaders in their niche and are defensible (i.e. an eCommerce business with product sourced in China that has great press, brand recognition, etc.) others are earlier in their life-cycle and still need some months/years before they’re ready for direct competition. (i.e. an early dropshipping company that’s just starting to get a name for themselves or relying on the brands they list to drive sales)

Because we sometimes list newer businesses under $100K, most of our buyers appreciate the fact that there won’t be thousands of others investigating the niche and dozens of others looking to copy or replicate the business’s early success.

In some instances, we do offer fully public/transparent listings in the marketplace. These tend to attract much more attention, but these particular businesses would be much more difficult to replicate or copy.

You can find more on our reasoning for deposits here.

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