How do I buy an online business with Empire Flippers?

The first step would be to visit the Empire Marketplace to see what businesses we currently have available for sale.

Clicking on any of the available listings will take you to the listing page and share information regarding the traffic, earnings, and history of the website.

To get direct access to the URL/store, P&L, Analytics, and all details regarding the listing, you will first need to unlock the listing.

We require you to unlock the listing first to protect the end-buyer from copycat listings.

To do this we require all users of Empire Flippers (including sellers) to ID verify. Buyers will also verify their funds to prove that they have the funds to purchase the business. 

These checks are part of the Know Your Customer protocol that we have to follow and also ensure trust between buyers and sellers that allows us to attract the highest quality businesses and buyers. 

Once you have unlocked the listing and performed your due diligence, you will be able to make an offer or, in some cases, buy the business instantly through the 'Buy Now' button. 



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