How do I buy a website or business?

The first step would be to visit the Empire Marketplace to see which website listings we currently have available for sale.

Clicking on any of the available listings will take you to the listing page and share information regarding the traffic, earnings, and history of the website.

There are currently two options for purchasing websites and online businesses:

1. Purchase - This will allow you to purchase the website directly.  You'll be given banking details for a wire transfer.

2. Deposit - Paying the refundable deposit will give you direct access to the URL (except for Amazon FBA businesses), earnings, traffic, and all details regarding the listing. You'll be able to do your own due diligence and purchase at a later point.

The URL and identifying information will not be shown unless you make a refundable deposit. We ask for a deposit first to protect the end-buyer from copycat listings.

For more on why we charge deposits (and how this benefits buyers) check out our article here.

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